Don't put that in your butt.

and the diamonds

New blog

guys this one is pretty much dead but heres my new blog if you want to follow it (and its really no surprise thats my url)

i might come back to this blog idfk i just might make a new one

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i thought someone fucking hacked my account oh my god

i was logged out and my password wasnt working but i changed it

it looks like i turned this into my complaining blog

and boy do i want to complain right now so im gonna

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i FINALLY feel like giving out the real reason i quit this blog

it was the hate the hate i got every single time i felt an emotion

getting told these awful things by somewhere im supposed to be safe, my only safety, became torture. i got told to kill myself, i got told i was hideous, fat, that id always be alone. you know what that did, it sent me into the mental ward, mixing that with my homelife, made me attempt to kill myself. do you know how horrible it was in there, how much i wanted to get out? no you dont. you really dont

and it was an asshole who did it. one asshole, attacking me when i was weak, when i wanted help, i was tossed aside by my family. i came here, the only place i thought that could help me. i was told to kill myself, i felt like nothing, so i finally found somewhere i could go.

i found a few friends, and you know what happened with the hate? well, i was gone, therefore; they gave up.

im not sorry i left, because if i hadnt, i wouldnt have improved so much on my art. id probably be in the hospital again. 

im not completely gone, i come back once in awhile, like a few things, maybe even reblog a few things. thats it though. why would i want to come back to somewhere i dont belong, where i dont feel safe. my blog now, sure i have drama going on, but at least im not told i need to die.

so thats why i had to leave, i didnt want to go back, i left for my safety.

"How many are there?"


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hey what if i quit my other blog and came back here

Anonymous: I havent seen your stuff on my dash for awhile. You were probably one of the first couple of people that i followed so i kinda missed ya

oh… i actually kinda changed to an rp blog id gladly give you the link but i just dont want my one hate anon finding it hahaha…

so if you come off anon ill totally tell you heck ill even give you my skype and we can talk! i rarely come on here anymore 

wha if i had friends

cause this is a thing apparently

hahaha yeah fucking thanks  for reblogging me and not interacting with me

i might just quit my rp blog and come back here

wait no

id end up getting hate p much everyday again

hahaha muthafuckas




No offense, Hagakure, but y’ain’t very sharp.


I dunno, I think I’m pretty sharp, Kuwata-chi.


….how the fuck are you doing that.


Hey, look! I just got even sharper!


You’re gonna hurt yourself doing that, man.

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